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......@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ setup(
author='Timm Schoening',
licence=file: LICENSE,
description="We strive to make marine image data FAIR with iFDOs and the MarIQT image curation tools",
long_description="We strive to make marine image data FAIR. We develop FDOs for images to establish a common language for marine imagery, we develop best-practice operating procedures for handling marine images and we develop the MarIQT software to apply the iFDOs and procedures to marine imagery. MarIQT stands for Image Quality control / quality assurance and curation Tools (IQT) conceptualised and developed by the MareHub working group on Videos/Images (part of the DataHub, a research data manangement initiative by the Helmholtz association).",
install_requires=['pillow', 'requests'],
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