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Request template for Spotlights

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This is the issue template for adding new Software Spotlights.
* please do not alter the assignments and labels.
* please add only one spotlight per merge request.
If you are looking for instructions how to add a software spotlight, please visit
Note about the preview app
Please provide us a direct link to the spotlight in the preview app. This reduces the effort for all reviewers. A template is found below. Please replace BRANCH_NAME with the name of the branch you are merging from, and <SLUG> with the slug of your spotlight. Alternatively, wait until the pipeline finished building the preview, and copy-paste the link here.
Credentials for preview app
The credentials for the preview app are (they are publicly available, so feel free to share them with your stakeholders):
User: hifis
Password: HIFISReview!
<!-- Delete this line and tell us about the spotlight -->
* :point_right: **[Review link](<BRANCH_NAME>/spotlights/<SLUG>)**
#### Checklist for authors
* [ ] Add a link pointing to the review app
#### Checklist for reviewers
* [ ] License is named by SPDX identifier
* [ ] All links are pointing to the right place
/cc @frust45 @konrad @jandt-desy
/assign_reviewer @christian.meessen
/label ~"Software Spotlight"
/label ~"Progress::4_Can review"
......@@ -315,6 +315,8 @@ content:
### Workflow
Before you start, please make sure to add only one Spotlight per Merge Request.
1. If you are not a member of the [ repository](, create a fork of it in your own space.
2. Clone the repository to your local computer and follow the instructions
in the [](
......@@ -342,5 +344,4 @@ content:
| Any image in the paragraph | `/assets/img/spotlights/<name_of_spotlight>/` |
10. Push your changes to GitLab (either your repo, or a [branch in](
11. Create a Merge Request and mention @frust45, @konrad, @christian.meessen and
11. Create a new Merge Request. Below the title of the merge request, you will see a drop down list title "Description". Please choose `add_new_software_spotlight` as a template. The text field below will fill with some text and instructions that will help you creating the merge request.
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