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Commit 72bbcef7 authored by Julienne Lehmann's avatar Julienne Lehmann
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build container on new release tag

parent e4ce483a
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......@@ -34,8 +34,7 @@ build:
- cd singularity_container/
- singularity build dfpl.sif dfpl.def
- apk add curl bash
- 'curl --header "JOB-TOKEN: $CI_JOB_TOKEN" --upload-file dfpl.sif "${CI_API_V4_URL}/projects/${CI_PROJECT_ID}/packages/generic/singularity/${VERSION}/dfpl.sif"'
- 'curl --header "JOB-TOKEN: $CI_JOB_TOKEN" --upload-file dfpl.sif "${CI_API_V4_URL}/projects/${CI_PROJECT_ID}/packages/generic/singularity/${CI_COMMIT_TAG}/dfpl.sif"'
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